lunes, 22 de marzo de 2010


Here we go again,

Jump, jump my little bunny,
Cause sure I am, the way you'll find.

Run, run my baby funny,
never I'll know how kind you are.

Tic, tac sweety naive,
as far you go, as far we blow.

Now.. then, I saw you,
with your brilliant smile.

Sunshine rises on your skin,
they are liquid pride.

Can I hold your hand and see how they melt on my keen?

My heart beats at the rhythm of your dreams.

You had the chance to change, noisy gum.
Now It's my turn to flinch.
Let's switch papers, let's roll IN.
Let's pretend to be others.
Cause that's the way I'm MEAN.

Why, candy toy?
Step by step I go faster and nobody knows more.

Now.. you're dead for me.

2 comentarios:

  1. Aunque mi inglés es pésimo algo entiendo, utilizaría el tradutor de google pero mataría la musicalidad de lo que has posteado.

    Marzo es una mala época para todo.

    PD: gracias por visitar el blog.

  2. Qué preciso. Me gustaría volver a postear esta entrada hoy, a esta hora & mil veces más.